People from Miramar and communities from all around enjoyed a treat on July 4th this year. The Miramar Amphether celebrated its grand opening while the country celebrated its birthday!

Actors Posing

The Miramar Cultural Center / ArtsPark was created to celebrate creativity and diversity within the city. This landmark is a vibrant, urban destination located in the heart of the Miramar Town Center, situated adjacent to our City Hall. It is home to too man arts and cultural programs and activities to count. Be sure to check out the Afro Caribbean Festival on Saturday, February 8th!

T.Y. (Topeekeegee Yugnee) Park

Miramar Regional Park has become the epicenter of the community. It boasts baseball fields, basketball courts, 2 playgrounds, 5 pavilions, 6 soccer/football fields, an aquatics complex and, of course, Miramar’s Amphitheater. Soon, the Bark Par

Jamaican people celebrating

The grounds of Miramar Regional Park were transformed into a cultural exhibition, celebrating the tastes and sounds of Jamaica. Our readers love the annual event where they excited their palates and explored the spicy delicacies while listening to the tunes of popular recording artists.